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The Australian Experience

Scott Westfall

School: Virginia Wesleyan College

Major: Psychology and Business

Hometown: Dallas , Texas

John 8:36 "So if the Son sets you free, you will be FREE INDEED." This semester I have been blessed with the opportunity to study at the University of Melbourne. I will be using this blog to share my experience!

Ready, Set, ENGAGE.

I have been in Australia for over a month now and cannot believe how fast my time here is going. One of my biggest fears from the start of this journey has been that I would settle into a routine similar to my in states. I don’t want to miss something big or take this


“I’ll see you tomorrow arvo” means “I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon.” Contrary to popular belief, there IS a language barrier here in Australia. From the very start of this trip, my perception that Australian’s speak the same language as me has been shattered daily. In fact, almost all of my perceptions of Australia and it’s

I’ll See You Tomorrow Arvo

Australian’s Are Weird.           As I said in my last post, things produced on this blog from here on out will mainly be of different form. Meaning I want to write a blog with a deeper theme than just summaries of my everyday life.           Most of those reading know that I obtained a fairly

A Long Time Coming

Alright, so I have dragged my feet on starting this blog and now is finally the time to catch everyone up. Before getting into the last two weeks of my life, I would like to give the reader of this blog a WARNING….If you cannot stand poor grammar and misspellings this blog might become more

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